The Truth Hurtz

Fact or Fiction

"bro, the keys to the utility truck? na, I don't got 'em, I gave them to Dano, no Mike I'd never lie to you, Kentland is my home bro"

Jerry's Story

Cancer - I had testicular cancer in 1996, and Lung Cancer in 2007

9/11 - I was pulling hose off the back of the truck at the Pentagon, we were 3rd on scene that morning when I heard screaming and ran toward the sound.  As I was pulling someone from the building, I tripped over hose on the ground and broke my ankle. 

Race Days - I was on a race car team in California and raced cars for a living.

Marriage & children - claims to have fathered twins after a one night stand and has never been married. 

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The Facts

Cancer - Jerry does not know what an Oncologist is.  He stated that his scarring is from radiation and could not tell me his Chemo Regimin or what drugs they used on him.  Stated that he woke up one day and his nuts were so swollen that they had to cut his boxers off.

9/11 - On Jerry's myspace page there is a photo of him at the veterans wall in Washington DC - he is on crutches and clearly has a broken ankle.  The photo is captioned "2003, broken ankle days"  That's the longest recovery I have ever seen for a broken ankle.  2 years?  Additionally, on Kentland's website there is an article complete with photos of the day he broke his ankle. He slipped off the back of a truck at the scene of a fire. Thanks Joe for sending me the link - click here to see what Kentland says!

Race Days - a gal he conned out there paid for a day of being a pit crew member for him.  He had photos taken that day. They are the only photos in existence of his Race Days.

Marriage & Children - Has been married twice. Once in the 80's as evidenced by one of his Motor Tort cases found on the MD judicial Site. and once to the mother of his twins who he never lived with but married.  (how many people marry their one night stand?)

"Dude, Bro, come look what she did now....... dayum I dun screwed over the wrong person."