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You are offically my new hero!

I have hated Jerry for as long as I have been in the county (since 89). He is a bag of shit that needs to be expossed so everyone knows what a piece of shit he is.

He can't drive as good as he thinks he can either!

He is a God.......Just ask him and he will tell you.

Ok, First Off We Have A Video From 4-5 Years Ago That Shows A Bunch Of Guys Goofing Off @ 33. How Many Of Us In The Past Have Been Part Of This Type Of Activity? How Many Off Us Who Have Lived In A Firehouse, Have Come Back After A Night Of Drinking And Acted Like Fools? How Many Of Us Have Played Practical Jokes On The Rookies, Hell Even The Guys Who Have Been Around For A While? I Can Honestly Say That I Have Been Part Of Activities Like These And In Some Cases I Was The Ringleader. These Things Have Gone On In The Fire Department For Years, Long Before Some Us Where Able To Ride And They Will Continue To Go On In One Way Or Another.

Second, How Can We Place The Blame On The Present Fire Chief Or Punish Him For Something That Happened When He Was A Firefighter? So He Took Part In It, Big Deal. He Admitted To His Mistake When He Was Younger And Has Grown Up And Put That Type Of Behavior Behind Him. I Have Seen Alot Of Guys Act Like Frat Boys When They Where Younger And In A Few Years Have Become Some Of The Most Well Rounded And Well Respected Firemen In This County. This Whole Incident Puts A Blemish On The Department As A Whole.

So To The Person Or Persons Who Sent This Video To The Press I Have To Ask One Question....why? Was The Purpose Of Sending This Video To The Press To Get Back @ 33 Becuase They Didn't Want You Playing In Their Sandbox Anymore Or Was It Because You Didn't Like Them Picking On You. I Know That We Will Never Find Out The Answer To This Question Because I Believe This Person Is A Coward And Will Never Come Forward And Say Who They Are And Why They Did This.

Jerry - care to answer this man?

What a stand up guy... "We deserve some type of punishment." Bladensburg must feel so proud with this clown representing them!!! Wonder who is going to take him when he leaves 9?

A highly polished gem of the Prince Georges Volunteer Fire Service. And yet you wonder why your circling the bowl.

Well if it isn't already known yet, the rat that leaked the video is.....................................none other than.............................................. ..JERRY ENGLE. Yes I have confirmed this with my source.

Leaked a video that got his own butt in trouble. Shows his intelligence.

Well when 9 gets tired of his crap and he goes looking for another department I can tell you he will not be joining mine.

Man that dude looked like a complete duechebag on the news with that mohawk and those piercings, grow up man.

While watching "A NATIONAL NEWS NETWORK" this morning, They played the video ... ON A NATIONAL NEWS NETWORK ......... And I dont mean Your Local news station either ..........

Need I say more........

Hey, I'm sure your right on who leaked the tape So did anyone see Sir God speak on Chanel 5 on the Tuesday Morning news. 9 must be proud to have the media in the station for an interveiw with Jerry.

All i gotta say is your like 40 grow up and look proffessional. Wow that really helped our cause with the taxpayers lookin like that. Now its gonna be even harder to prove that not everyone is like that. The citzens belive whatever the media says and right now theyre makin all of us look like morons, because they look at him and think he is the face of us all.

Is this tape released in conjunction with his book not doing so well?

Great new name for all of us,, The Prince George's County Volunteer CLOWN CLUB staring the head Clown Jerry (the Mayor) Engle.

what a sad sad situation were in .We may never recover!

-just from an outsiders view of him at forty and the way he looked on the cover of his book. some heavy meds wouldn't hurt.
is he married with kids??
i don't know him so i ask these questions - has he had a paying job or life long vollie living at home. any education past say 8th grade - i say this because at his age the hair style was in back then.
is it a case if a peter pan complex and he refuses to grow-up.

not trying to get personal just getting insight into the world of the worlds busiest vollie

Why would I want the book of a sell out/rat? Not disputing/defending him. I'm just saying it's time to stop worrying about him or his/someones motives. Lets focus on what we can do to keep the fire service in the light it should be in. He'll figure out what he did eventially. The public won't. FORGET him!!
Worry about what we have the ability to change!

Jerry is a sell out to his so called fellow brothers why don't you ask him how much Fox 5 paid for the tape. Its all about money isn't it.

The thing you need to watch out for with Jerry is one minute he is your friend the next he will stab you in the back. Money talks and bullshit walks.

Kinda hurts to tell it like it is JERRY YOU SELL-OUT fuck of a bottom feeding douche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your day will come when EDDIE and LIL ED meet you in a fucking alley, and maybe a few of the fellas will be there with the mops..

If the "Association" and "The Commission" had balls, they would do something GOOD for the Volunteers for a change and the "Association" would pass a Resolution calling for "Jerome's" expulsion from the ENTIRE Pee Gee EMS (and fd) system and "The Commission" would hold all station management monies for 33 and 9 until a thorough investigation into "Jerome's" actions (both past and present) and how they impact these VFDs has been completed.

There is MORE than enough grounds to get rid of this abomination that is causing so much damage to the VFD image in Prince Georges County! He is guilty of moral and criminal misconduct. He REFUSES to follow most of the SOPs and GOs of the County and the individual Volunteer Departments that have taken him in. He has REPEATEDLY endangered lives of people he is around. He REPEATEDLY parasites off of people and organizations that he belongs to. What MORE does one need before he does PERMANENT harm to the ENTIRE VOLUNTEER SYSTEM in Prince Georges???

How about some of those "new bloods" on "The Commission" and the "Association" standing up and doing something POSITIVE?? NOW is your chance to PROVE yourselves!

A good list of charges to start with would be...

* Insubordination to VFD and PG Officers (disobeying orders on
the fire ground)

* Failure to wear PPE on the fire ground (showing up without even
a T-Shirt and entering unsafe structures without ANY PPE).

* Willful destruction of FD property and vehicles (improper and
reckless operation of vehicles and equipment resulting in un-needed
repairs and breakage of equipment). This causing the un-needed
expenditure of vital station operation funds and causing un-necessary
damage and wear to apparatus.

* Conduct unbecoming a member of the Fire Service and the
particular department (THIS should be self-explanatory!) and
breach of the Public Trust.

* Criminal behavior while a member of the department (various
counts, such as the incident at 7, incidents at 33 and now the
incident at 9).

* Endangering lives and property un-necessarily (vehicle ops,
personal actions both on the fire ground and in the station).

* Failure to follow MOSHA, OSHA and NFPA guidelines and regulations
when "performing" as a firefighter, thus endangering the VERY
CERTIFICATION of the WHOLE DEPARTMENT that he is presently
associated with as well as those he WAS associated with.

This would just be for openers.........

I always thought you were just a backstabber. Apparently it goes deeper. As much as I may hate to say it...I think I would trust Sadforjake more than you.
Now looks like the best time for you to just hoist anchor and move on brother!

In Jerry's defense, he probably honestly believes only one of the kids is his because he only has one nut.

Hell have no furry like a woman scorned

I have pissed off my share of people in my day, but one to make an anti-Bubba web site.


Maybe he will become the Star of a reality TV show!!! The contest for the show's Title commences now.
The winner will receive a cameo appearance AND an AUTOGRAPHED copy of his book.
The book will be at no cost.....BUT, you will be responsible for the autograph fee!!!

This is better than any soap opera on television. this time last year everybody was sweating his nuts about what a legend he was and how his book was the real deal. Now, he has been exposed as a charlatan, liar, thief and nothing more than a common criminal. What a fine legacy for volunteer fireman everywhere.

PGFD Retired... You hit the nail on the head until the last sentance. He happens to be a volunteer however...he is "a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten,
four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit! Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?" He could just ass well be a career POS. HE DOES NOT REPRESENT THE TYPICAL VOLUNTEER IN THIS COUNTY OR WHAT ANY VOLUNTEER/CAREER PERSON ASPIRES TO BE!!!!!!!!!!! This is my opinion and mine only. Thank you for your patience. ;-)

Jerry is a low life piece of shit never trusted him while he was at 46 the reason Jerry sent to 33 was Wilson and Griswold would not tolerate your fucking bullshit. Now I have something to say on his so called bout with Cancer, Dude if you want to say you have had cancer which I certainly know better come see me scum bucket and I will give my CANCER to you and I do have it been fighting to stay alive for 4 yrs now. I hope that Bladensburg opens there eyes to the real dirt bag asshole you have been portraying to be. God won't even want to help you now so go crawl under a rock some where do us all as favor. WTF


Come on how can anyone condone this kind of behaver!

Ol' Dave quotes his "sources" as saying that these old videos and other information comes from a "former member" who "wrote a book about how Kentland operated"... Looks like "disgruntled former employee syndrome"!! A 'certain somebody' is maybe pissed because he was 'kicked to the curb'? Funny. I it also seems that since a certain reporter left the Pee Gee system HE has had a brick on his shoulder for the fire service in general, especially Pee Gee!

He's gotten so bad that he's using gossip, years-old occurences and "sources" to discredit the Volunteers, but he's "got to check all of his information" when it comes to anything that is about "Larry's boys" (don't want to upset his "sources" in HQ). Ask around as to why you don't (and haven't for YEARS) see him on ANY DC incident scene, or MoCo either!

And as for Kelleher, he was a FIREFIGHTER back then! What the h#ll was he supposed to do back then? He's chief now and things have been cleaned up on his watch.

THAT WAS THEN....THIS IS NOW!! Things HAVE changed! Leave the past alone! You can't change that, only move forward.

Dave needs to go somewhere else to get his jollies, and 33 is MUCH better off without their "former NASCAR driver"! Maybe THIS engine will last a little longer without him tearing the guts out of it!

Geeez!! I can't believe I'm sticking up for 33! I'm not their fan. On the other hand...



Caller: Help, my house is on fire and I am trapped on the second floor!!
911: What is your address?
Caller: 9999 Dodge Park Rd
911: We have units on the way Sir, they are just down the street
Caller: Would that be Kentland VFD?
911: Yes Sir!!
Caller: Can you please send someone else, they set off fireworks out of their butts.

LANDOVER, Md. (WUSA) 9NEWS NOW has learned the chief of the Kentland Volunteer Fire Department has been suspended. Sources confirm the suspension is part of the disciplinary action announced Sunday night by the board of directors of the Prince George's County fire company.

A statement released by Kentland calls the actions of its members inexcusable. Specifically the statement is referring to videos from 2003 and 2004 that were leaked to the news media.

The videos show firefighters igniting illegal fireworks and involved in the apparent hazing of a member.

Seen in the videos is current Kentland Chief Tony Kelleher. Kelleher was not the chief at the time the videos were taken.

The statement says the actions "do not represent the tradition of heroism, professionalism and dedication that the kentland VFD strives to uphold."

The department promises to investigate "the actions of each individual identified in the video and participating in unsafe behavior".
Good Job Jerry - didn't Tony feed you? Clothe you? Put a roof over your head?  Way to burn your bridges buddy. Did you smack your mother too?

Let me correct one thing from a few posts back so there is no confusion. Channel 9 did not report and I did not report that three people have been suspended.

We know that Chief Kelleher has been suspended by Kentland and there are other suspensions. I do not know the exact number.

The confusion may be that there is a statement from Robert Russell that Channel 5 has saying that "three of those involved are no longer members of the department".

Checking with Kentland, I have confirmed no one has been expelled from 33because of this. There are people (not sure the exact number) who are on the videos who have since left Kentland for various reasons.

Dave Statter

You're right, it does take balls. But the big question is WHY dig up dirt that's 4 years old and long forgotten about? Is he trying to score points with the County fire chief for some underlying agenda of his? These are questions that we all need to ask, yet we'll never know the truth. I have been host to many of pranks in my short 9 years in the fire service, but I am not about to dime out my brother firefighters for some juvenile shit. If someone had a habitual problem of being blatently rude to the public, driving erraticly, or not proficient in their job skills, I WILL make it known... a little more discreetly. Perhaps remedial training, a closed door meeting with the company officer, or a simple one on one with the involved parties behind closed doors, so as not to compromise their credibility. Tony Kelleher and most other members of 33 have a tremendous amount of respect and a decorated service record. As it looks now, some angry former member with his own agenda seems it fit to tarnish that reputation and drag the entire department down in the weeds. Doing the right thing may be the #1 rule, especially in public safety. However, there was no reason to dig this ancient video up and use it to his advantage... what a PIECE of SHIT

I wonder how long it is before he sells out Riverdale. Jerry certainly leaves a mark no matter where he is a member. AMF

I think Jerry is a piece of shit. You don't sell out your friends and to have to go back five years shows what scum he is.

Damn shame Jerry sold them out. He must have been running low on cup of noodles and packs of smokes and needed to do something for money.

new book coming out called jerry days. it's about a guy who volunteers in AA co at station 18 then gets kicked out for being a scumbag, moves to station 34 again with the scumbag thing then goes to PG county. I know what your thinking station 33 right? wrong. he tries for 33 but they call his bullshit and send his ass to station 46. So he does the 46 thing for 3 years and then finally is allowed to ride at 33. funny you didnt read any od that in the other book, and you wont read this either, so he goes on a couple calls then has a drug problem and disapears for a couple years. comes back from california with new piercings and an outlook on life. makes up some false workman's comp claims to get by. gets cancer and plays that sob story to all the guys so the'll buy him cartons butts, goes on for a little longer till one day he meets a girl woman, then years later he finds out that girls' got 2 kids, they're his kids and momma wants some dough. so she takes him to court and wins, now he needs money so he writes some bullshit book that wasnt copied from notes but made up the night before. he meets another girl, blackmails and scams her on the internet to get his lie of a book published. then leaves kentland moves to NY for a little while but that doesnt work cause the new yorkers dont like him either. Then one day he decides to move into Riverdale and they receive him as the second coming of christ. best thing that ever happened to the place, well until he wrecked their shit and burned some juvenile's neck. then the woman with the kids (remember her ^) she now wants some more money so she takes him back to court for being a deadbeat. she wins again but gets no money. this no money flow thing goes on for a little while until the state suspends his drivers licsence. ohhh bad news cause he cant drive firetrucks right? nope some of the fella's at old riverdale swindle some money and from 7's funds and pay his tickets!!! things are all better now until some young guns find out about the missing money. The fella who swindled the money and the guy i'm writing about get kicked out of riverdale. So this guy wanders around for a couple months then decides if 33 wont take him he can just go to Bladensburg aka Kentland Jr. he gets settled in on edmonston rd and one again is the second coming- up at 3 am waxing the floors, is an all around great guy for a couple weeks but then shit goes sour, now he's sleepin all day, takes 16 hour naps ( all the regular actions of a junkie). Then comes his lucky break a box on landover rd. at the 33-9 split just inside 33's area. he'll beat KENTLAND in to their first due, a chance to prove his worth to these guys and make things better, yeah that was the plan till he made the right from edmonston to annapolis and a crosslay comes out the officers side, but "hey cuz it's no big deal we'll just keep goin, rack it when we fet there." BC4catches them about 450-202 and calls out engine 809 your draggin a crosslay, the officer says pull it over but "ah bro we can get them". well in the end after he dragged the line a coule milesand hit six (6) cars he still didnt beat anyone in. so to draw attention off himself and sell more books he brings up shit about kentland, the guys who took him in and gave him a chance, the guys who fed,clothed and gave him a place to live for 20 years then he goes and shits on them. what a guy, maybee 9 will smarten up before he does any more damage. like his new claims of coke and perks at 33. it will sell more books thats for sure. as a member at 9 how could you let this guy in? he writes a book on how great some place is then years later airs out the dirty laundry. just think what he'll be saying about the rapes and all this other stuff about 9 when he leaves there. well i'm done my rant i know that this will be deleted by co if you belive this copy and repost for when it gets shut down. also sorry about grammer in a rush.

Kentland didn't deserve it because when they took him in the history he has wasn't known as it is now. Knowing his history now certainly changes things.
Example: You take in a person you think is your friend. While your at work one day he steals all your valuables. The cops come and take a report. They tell you he has done this several times before. Do you desrve it for not knowing? No! Do you let him in again? I doubt it! Your buddy decides to let him in and you tell him what the "friend" did to you. The "friend" steals your buddy blind. You say to your buddy...I tried to tell you. Now see what has happened? Simple common sense and thought. We learn(or not) from history.

Unbelivable,What a piece of Dog Shit Jerry is,someone needs to do society a favor and put this asshole away!!!!!

I know you've gotta be reading this! Are you getting the message yet? Ya know, ya know...we know you've lived a wild life as the Mayor of Kentland ya know. It's time ya know, ya know to take your politics somewhere else ya know. You apparently screwed people that you so "dedicatedly" served. The fire service is not a place for you.

I can't believe I stooped to the level of slamming. I will say, though, his court record and the way he threw that video out there kinda shows us who he really is.

Keep hanging in there. Having the you-know-whats to come on here and give your story shows that your on your way to better things. Stay strong!

I noticed a lot of you are pissed because you think Jerry is representing Firefighters everywhere. Please don't think that. As a non-fire person I can tell you the only thing I ever thought of firefighters that they were unsung hero's - ESPECIALLY the volunteers. After having dealt with the Mayor of Kentland firsthand, I STILL have a high regard for Firefighters everywhere. I still contribute to boot drives and local fund raisers. When my little girl was 4, she fell out of a tree and bruised a muscle across her chest. The local FD responded (lived in Northern California at that time) and carried her out on backboard, with the neck thingy and everything. My 4yo! It was horrifying. After the ordeal, we baked cookies and took them to the firehouse and presented them with a lot of thankful hugs and a drawing she did while she was in the hospital.

Don't put too much worry on what the public thinks - the truth is, we admire you all. You help us when we're scared, confused, and hurt. You take care of us when no one else can, and you do it 24/7. The Jerry Engles of the world will never be able to change that - especially for those of us that have had the fortune of you being there when we needed you most.

So on behalf of those that matter most - we love, admire, respect and need you. So don't think for a second that the mayor was able to taint that for any of you.

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