The Truth Hurtz

Betrayed Brothers

Just about everyone that has crossed Jerry's path has a story to tell and very few of them end with a smile on their face. Here is where I share your stories.  Let me know what he's done to you and I'll be happy to share it.

Name: Just a Troll
Email: Protected
Comments: Jerry is the biggest piece of shit I ever met. I knew "Homes" when he was back at 33 years ago. And I always thought he was pretty cool but kinda like a stoner. But most of the guys I knew from Kentland better then Jerry all thought he was a load. I never figured out why they kept him around other then he always drove and, so I thought, knew his shit.

Well then many years later "Vinny Pockets" told us that Jerry wanted to come to Riverdale. He was blessed to drive, made the chief's aid, didn't have to get on the ambulance, and oh yea got paid to be there from day one. Since he was "Pockets" boy nobody could do anything to him. He wrecked the engine a couple of times and his responce was "sorry bro". Sorry??

After him being at Riverdale for a few months and people figuring out that somehow he was getting paid to be there. Jerry thought just because he had a made up title of "Chief's Aid" that he was able to do what he wanted with anything in the station. He went through people's stuff, took what he wanted, and and threw out what he didn't want. When he was at Riverdale he burned up a couple of helmets that weren't even his. One of them he left in a burning building and it was found later. But if you were to ask Jerry about it he was the only firefighter in the building and putting out the two alarm fire by himself.

Jerry and Pockets also scammed the department into paying his child support. And once his meal ticket was on his way out the door and Jerry was no longer going to be protected he decided that if Bladensburg will pay me I'll go over there. And he left to go to Bladensburg but also left with a bunch of stuff that belonged to Riverdale and Kentland also.

Please leave my email out of this..

Received July 31, 2008 via web form:

Name: Jake Rixner
Email: protected
Comments: Jerry,  Go get some help.........I too would have done anything to help you until recently.  Man when did you start shitting on your best friends?

If you think your drug fueled rants will get anyone from 33 to kick your ass so you can sue....bro your wrong..we see this for what it is,  bullshit.

As for your book, yeah I was all for it as I mistakenly thought it would help you get on your feet, even though I told you the book was full of lies and fabrications.  Hell I am in 3 fire stories that don't match what really happened on the street.

It is really sad to see someone I thought was my friend circle the drain.  Get some help Jerry. some professional help.

An email sent to me anonmously this late last night.

Jerry Engle
( Statement Reguarding Kentland And The Lawsuit)Wednesday,
July 23, 2008 3:39 PM
From: "Jerry Engle" <>Add sender to Contacts To:

Dear Dave,

First I would like to thank you for letting me have a chance to tell my side of the story from the video tape to the current lawsuit and my reason for leaving the department in 2005.

As you know The Watchdesk and Firehouse.Com have recieved alot of hits on our interview.

But one thing I would like for you to put on your Statter911.Com site is what started all this media between Kentland and myself.

I left Kentland in August 2005 due to the fact the department was changing from being regonized as one of the most aggressive departments in the nation, and was always in the top of Firehouse Magazine Run Survey for being the Busiest Engine Company in Maryland and also the Nation.

With all the " Old School" Fireman leaving the department and moving on to other obligations I was left hangin by myself to try and keep all the Old School Traditions that was taught to me as a Probie Fireman going by passing it on to the white glove generation but with the major change in the upper ranks to the backstep fireman I found myself totally lost because the New Generation of Kentland had No Heart And Passion for carrying on the Tradition of the Older Generations before them and that these Older Generation Fireman and Officers were all totally responsible for putting Kentland on the map as the most aggressive fire department in the country and each weekend both Career and Volunteer firefighters throughout the country came to Kentland to see first hand how this department operated and see how on a House Fire it was always hold the units from "33" and return the rest because Kentland would pull a Wagon & Pumper & Tower on the call and the Old School Fireman were all about putting fires out very quickly and always having a Knock On It before the 2nd due company would arrive.

So it was very hard to let go of the past and learn the NEW KENTLAND Fire Dept So I Left On My Own and I knew I would never be back because those days of Kentland being on top were long gone and know they are living at the Bottom because of the White Glove Generation .

To Jimmy Wells And Jeff Pittsenberger You Both Were The Very Best not only as Fireman But As Chief's Of Kentland, And NO OTHER CHIEF Could ever Hold A Candle To You Both and I will always be grateful to serve under you both and being taught what a fireman was all about.

After a short period away from the fire service alltogether I was battling Lung Cancer and 5 ruptured disc in my lower neck so it was a full time job with both injuries being fire department related and Never recieving a dime for any compensation and after refusing back surgery due to the fact it would be a difficult surgery to repair the disc I decided to do Pain Managment which consisted of being put on serious pain medication and muscle relaxers to deal with the chronic back pain.

At the same time dealing with my back issues I was recieving chemothearpy treatments along with radiation for several spots on both my lower right and left lung.

I finally got into remission in the early part of 2007 and decided to join Riverdale Company # 7 because one of my Old Friends was the chief and I figured I would give it a try.

After a few months I missed the part of being at a 100% Volunteer Firehouse so I asked Vince if it would be cool to transfer to Bladensburg where they are the strongest volunteers in the county and are the only true 100% volunteer fire department that staffs all their equipment with Volunteers, where Kentland is not 100% because they have CAREER STAFFING 24 hours a day for their Ambulance Service.

After coming to Bladensburg I recieved a supeona for the Standish Drive Incident involving Kentland And 2 Career Firefighters and a Volunteer from Bladensburg being assaulted outside at the ladder truck for supposedly parking the ladder truck on a supply line.

After watching the video tape and listening to the audio from the fire on Standish Drive it was very clear that Wagon from Bladensburg beat Krentland to the scene

and Truck-9 arrived after Kentland was told to level 1 stage which means they remain on their equipment and not commit themselves in front of the house.

Well Kentland decided to disobey the order and ran a 400ft line down the street and while stretching the line the members of Kentland turn the corner in front of Truck-9 causing their attack line to be pinched under the front tire of the ladder truck so when the driver of Kentland Wagon charged the line it became pinched to the point that NO WATER could get to the nozzle so the officer of the Wagon from Kentland comes out of the house and starts kicking and punching the driver from Truck-9 thinking he parked on their line .

The video clearly shows that the Ladder Truck was nowhere near parking on Kentland line and if Kentland was doing what the Command Officer told them to do which was Level 1 stage this incident would of never happened but once again Kentland trys to be the heros and end up putting lives in danger for running their own line when told not to and while inside pulling the face pieces off of 2 Career Firefighters and Pushing a volunteer through a wall and shutting off another volunteers air bottle so they couldn't breathe.


is turned into a book called Probie Days which details the hard core years of aggressive firefighting and all the assaults shooting stabbings and the Rivarly between other companies

is now being used in a Lawsuit of the 2 Career Firefighters that were burned while having their face pieces ripped off by a group of Kentland Firefighters.

Since Probie Days is a True Account of Hardcore Firefighting it shows that the New White Glove Generation was trying to be hardcore fireman by not following orders and causing bodily harm to several fireman.

So I get a phone call asking for me to tell the Lawyers that Probie Days Is all Fake and that I was just trying to sell a few books to make some quick money but the only problem is I will never agree to give false statements and I acknowledged under oath the book is 100%

True Accounts and all the proceeds go to St.Jude Children's Research Hospital so I make NO MONEY FROM THE BOOK.

So now Kentland is pissed off because I let them down by not lying under oath that the book is all false and I was just trying to make a quick buck so the truth has hurt them and now they are sweating this lawsuite because the truth will come out in the end.

So now a video made from a few years back surfaced showing the other side of playing around and a hazing incident involving a new member who recieves burns to his chest and private parts and now it is assumed that it is payback time from a former member or someone that got their feelings hurt by the so called fireman at Kentland.

Well a Very Special Thanks to Nick Martin for Video Taping the whole incident I mean hey he's a true Kentland Wanna Be Right, thank god for Kentland T-Shirts now anyone can be a Kentland Fireman just get a shirt.

Now the word is out on the Watchdesk.Com about being a sell out a rat a snitch and etc...

If I wanted to take Kentland Down I would have no problem doing that espically since i'm THE MAYOR!

But I have been thinking after reading so much drama about my child support about beating up an old man for sexually abusing a 6 year old girl next to the firehouse to needing money for more PERCOCETS and NARCOTICS since I was buying and using drugs durning my time at Kentland.

But I never knew it to be a crime or abuse when you are seeing experts for Pain Management for Injuries While Being a Fireman And Battling Cancer So I Guess by the experts at Pain Management need to go back to Med School because they were all PRESCRIBED Under Doctors Care.

But I Can agree with Kentland on One Big Statement That Alot Of DRUGS Or NARCOTICS were being used by fireman for pleasure and were never PRESCRIBED to them but I also Remember findind alot of WHITE POWDER on the Bathroom Counter Top that was DETERMINED TO BE COCAINE,

Sounds Like Alot Of Fireman Needed Money Pretty Bad And I Know The Current Deputy Chief Pays Child Support As Well.



            Jerry Engle ( Kentland Mayor)