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Email notes -

This is an email I sent to the 2 gals I was meeting for dinner in MD dated April 23, 2007

Cliff's Notes

1 - financial blow - HUGE When Jerry moved in, I had 62k in my
savings and 3 credit cards with zero balance and NO debt.

Bank - zero in savings, 200 in Checking

American Express 16k (that was just the balance, not what I had
charged and paid off the prior 8 months)
Visa - 6k
MC - 3k he opened and maxed out within 3 days of getting it
Truck - 15k - he has paid a total of 600 dollars on all of which Kira
paid for I'm sure
Home Depo - 8k who knows what he bought on that, looks like tools for
the most part

These figures do not include Doctors Bills - Pharmacy Bills (he would
fill an expensive RX then look it up online and refuse to take it. It
also doesn't include items he felt were out of place so he threw them
out including a priceless blanket my parents made for Krys when we
adopted her. It also doesn't include web stuff I paid for, his book
publication, etc. Jerry is extremely wasteful, I have plucked many
things from the garbage that were brand new, I can't imagine what is
gone that I didn't catch. Oh and lets not forget the laptop he sold
to Lansdowne VFD that belonged to me. After I showed Vaughn the
receipt they finally returned it to me.

2. Emotional & Mental - oh lordy I don't even know where to start. I
sent you emails that are proof he was blackmailing me, my family, you
and your father. Those were HIS emails. He put me thru hell regarding
Krys and the problems she was having, which incidentally magically
disappeared after he was out of the picture - imagine that. I had a
restraining order on him for threatening to snap my neck, hide my body
in the hills, watch my brothers house burn, and then there was his
"your dad is dead now, who will protect your mother? sometimes bad
things happen to hold people" And the threats to Krystina of "I'll
knock your teeth down your throat" and if I intervened "You two will
be twins with no teeth in your mouth"

3. Physical - Jerry never touched me physically, I think he had a
fear of my brothers. Of course he threatened it. One time when I
asked him to get out, he did put his hands on my shoulders and stated
"This relationship is over when I say it is, do you understand?"

He had me fired from Marriott when he called them to tell them my 16yo
was messed up on drugs and had mental issues. he attempted to have me
fired from Canaan with the same thing but wasn't able to pull it off.
However, I did have to drop the restraining order to stop him from
trying to get me fired.

I'm leaving this evening - will be at my parents in Glen Burnie
tomorrow morning.


Here is the email I have sent to 9 different officials and received one response which was from a Robert Wells who asked for details of the warrant.  I gave them, no other response was forthcoming.

Tony, ET AL-

This is Tangee - the girl Jerry Engle royally screwed over financially - I'm sure you remember me, the high school friend of his who left a 20 year marriage to a Federal Agent to be with the con artist.  Anyway - I thought you should know, J  released those tapes to the news.  He will screw over everyone in his path - and it was only a matter of time before he screwed you guys. When he was living with me, I asked him why he had those tapes and what he intended to do with them - his response "you'll see them on the news someday"  This was after I discovered he stole all the photos and record books from Kentland (by the way, I still have them and will send them back if someone wants them) and when I asked why he took them he said "I don't know"  If you remember, when he moved to FL to be with me in November 05, you guys couldn't find the keys to the utility truck and called and asked him if he had them, he told you he didn't and later told me that he threw them out the window of the train on the way down.  I asked him why he would do that to a FD that has had his back all these years, his response "no one ever really has your back'   The man is a sociopath.  There is a warrant out for him in AA County for identity theft (mine) and I won't rest until Jerry is in jail where he belongs.  I am out of state otherwise that is where he'd be right now if I had my way. 

You do know the reason that he left Landsdowne don't you?  He was kicked out for unprofessional conduct.  You see, my brother went to him and asked him for the truck back that was in my name, Again, I was out of state and he refused to return it.  Jay threatened him and told him that he hopes there isn't a call to his house in the middle of the night because he'd sit on the train tracks and watch it burn.  My brother's house is in Landsdownes first due.  He immediately went to the BCFD and put in a formal complaint and Jay was kicked out.  I don't know what happened to the BC police officer that went to my brothers house at midnight to do a favor for Jay and scare him a little.  But that was reported as well.

I don't know why you guys continue to protect someone that obviously does not care about any of you or the Fire Department for that matter.  I emailed several people a few months ago telling them what a liability Jerry was.  No one responded.  Aren't you all tired of hearing the same excuses from him?  "oh, she's crazy, she has a druggie for a kid, she does drugs, she does this or that"  he uses the same crap with every failed relationship when he runs back to the VFD to save his ass. I guess at no point anyone thought "Hmmm.  why does this sound so familiar?"   The Fire Department is just a roof over his head and that's all it ever will be.  I stood next to him in court one day when he went for child support and the judge made a comment about how many workers comp claims he had  (47 at that time in case you didn't know, what's it up to now?) and then said "What are these from?" and Jay answered "I'm a firefighter" and the judge said "I guess you aren't very good at it are you?"  I was embarrassed when the whole courtroom erupted in laughter.  Looking back, I was stupid to ignore all the red flags.  When you look back, you'll realize how stupid you guys were. 

I have plenty of documentation on Jerry, and I'm willing to share it with anyone that wants it, eventually someone will open there eyes and realize what this man has done and what he is still capable of doing.  Maybe I should forward it to eyewitness news as it is clear that Jerry is in all of that video.

This is the last time you will hear from me,   I will save this email with the rest of the emails I've sent over the last 2 years asking someone to do something about this unstable man.  I have tried to get someone to notice the harm this man does to people. He is a pathological liar, a thief, pain med addict and a sociopath and you are enabling him.  So the shame now shifts to you.

Tangee McKenrick Wilson

I have cc'd any address I could locate online for PGCO FD officials and station officials.

When I went to Maryland in April 2007 to file charges against Jerry for fraud, theft and identity theft, I arranged to meet Jerry's ex wife, the mother of his twins and another gal that he had recently exploited and tried to extort.  There is a photo fo the 3 of us together taken that day when we all met for dinner and drinks and to compare stories.  When I get permission from these ladies, I will be happy to share the photo's and details of the conversation which was quite interesting to say the least. 

Received July 31, 2008

Form submitted from website:
PLEASE NOTE:  Yes, Kira is the owner of the website but has not paid anything nor has anything to do with it.  There is a restraining order against Jerry for Kira and her family as he Extorted money from her last year. Jerry doesn't know how to update the website which is why nothing has been done to it in over a year.  In answer to one readers email "Does Kira talk out of both sides of her mouth like Jerry does" the answer is no.  I wouldn't be posting information from her if that were the case.

Name: Kira
Email: protected
Comments: Dear The Truth Hurtz,

In Jerry's response the key word in the last sentence (according to Jerry, I don't know personally) is that the Deputy Chief IS paying his child support.  I remember many months of ME paying Jerry's child support.  Before I paid he was snatched by the cops off of Lansdowne Vol. Fire Dept. property and then later bailed out by them.  I guess to Jerry true volunteer companies are the ones that pay through the nose for their members in cash and computers.  But I guess my memory must be fuzzy since I was promised compensation for paying his expert doctor visits, precriptions meds, car payments, child support, food, shelter, etc. with his book money Jerry never seemed to receive the check for.  I guess Lulu got it screwed up between me and St. Jude's and all those hundred dollar bills dropped for Jerry's "friends" back when the book WAS making money.  Assuming the Watchdesk feed will be shut down unjustly I'll end with urging everyone the check the Maryland Judiciary Search for Je
 rome Engle to see exactly who this man is.

Payback's a bitch, but I guess we can't blame Jerry since he wouldn't know anything about paying back.

-A Conned Chick who smartenedup