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The Infamous Video

LANDOVER, Md. - FOX 5 has obtained video from sources close to Kentland Volunteer Fire Company 33 that shows alleged firefighters taking part in illegal behavior.

Sources close to the department say the men on the tape are Kentland Volunteer Firefighters. The video appears to have been recorded in May 2004, although those same sources claim it was recorded in May 2008.

The video given to FOX 5 shows the men lighting illegal fireworks allegedly inside Firehouse 33 with fire trucks in plain sight.

If that wasn't dangerous enough, one firework is ignited between a man's back side.

The video could be considered disturbing to some, and it is loaded with lewd behavior. In one clip, a man is seen dropping his pants inside a fire truck as it drives away.

Other parts of the video show someone referred to as a rookie. At one point, his underwear is pulled tightly around his neck. In other pieces of the tape, the same man repeatedly uses slang terminology to indicate he is drunk. The other men seen in the video-- who are allegedly Kentland Volunteer Firefighters-- heckle him, call him names, and order him to pick up trash numerous times.

On Wednesday, FOX 5 confronted the Kentland Fire Chief and asked him if he's ever taken part in such activity, or if a tape ever existed.

"I've never seen a hazing incident here," Chief Tony Kelleher told FOX 5. "There are guys who mess around, play practical jokes. There has never been an outright hazing incident. It would never be condoned. I mean, it's unlawful, for one. We wouldn't let it happen."

In other parts of the tape, a now-dismissed recruit is sprayed with fire hoses, and fire extinguishers are set off in his face over and over again. At one point, it is clear he is choking.

According to sources, the alleged volunteer firefighters got an emergency call during the incident, and it can be heard on the tape. Based on the video, there doesn't seem to be an urgent response to the call. The men involved appear to delay until the man they call 'rookie' is forced to stand in the driveway and wait for the truck to drive right by him.

Chief Kelleher told FOX 5 if incidents like the ones captured on the tape happened under his watch, he would take swift action.

"If I saw it under my watch today, there would be strict disciplinary action taken," Chief Kelleher told FOX 5 during Wednesday's interview. "The person would be removed from operations."

But the video tape, which appears to have been made four years ago, shows Kelleher, who was then a firefighter.

On Thursday night, FOX 5 spoke by phone with Chief Kelleher again. At that time, he said the tape is four or five years old and he has no explanation for the behavior. However, he said at the time the department had just suffered a loss. Still, Kelleher expressed regret and said he was much younger. He said he has grown up since then.

Prince George's County Fire & EMS oversees the volunteer department. On Thursday night, spokesman Mark Brady released the following statement:

"All fireworks are illegal in Maryland. Hazing, excessive horseplay is considered workplace violence and we have a zero tolerance. We are trying to get the tape to investigate the allegations."

The Kentland Fire Department dates back to 1951, and they receive awards yearly for saving lives.

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