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Probie Days

Ya know, I've been thinking.  I typed up that book. I paid to put it on the website. I paid to have it bound and printed and I designed the cover and back of the book.   I have every right to share it don't I?  Why put money in the con man's pocket when you can get it right here.  Your best bet is to right click and 'save target as' cause it will take a coons age to open it in a browser. It is a pdf file so if you don't have adobe, download it - and if you want it in doc form - I got that too - just email and ask.

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It is 100% free, if you are a non member you simply have to wait 30 seconds before proceeding with download.  The file is virus free, if you have any problems, email me. 

Would you kindly consider a small donation if you download the book? I don't expect it, and I don't require it. So please don't feel obligated.  You are welcome to the book either way.  Thank you!

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