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Someone was kind enough to send me this:

I remember the stuff you put on the probiedays site in fact i copied it. in November of 2005 just waiting for the perfect time to "put it out there". If this aint it I don't know what will be.
Here it is:

My name is Jerry Engle. I am 43 years old and I've always lived in a firehouse somewhere. I've never had a real relationship, or a real job for that matter. And even though on the surface I may seem like a nice guy, I'm not. I use women. Not for sex, I don't even like it that much. No, I use them for money.
I have gone to Florida to hook up with a girl I met online and bled her dry, then came back to MD, I have gone out to California and spent a year doing things I wanted to do on someone elses dime. She thought I loved her, but I've never loved anyone. I bled her dry, left her with massive credit card bills and never looked back.
Then, last year I hooked up with a local girl, bled her dry and then low and behold I found someone online that I used to know back in the good old 80's. She was a nice girl but way outta my league. Well, these days she's married, has been for 20 years. She has 2 kids, a big ole house in a gated community and has life by the balls. But her husband is an ass and treats her like she doesn't exist. EASY TARGET. Man they don't get this easy.
First I talk to her for awhile, then I lie to her and tell her I've never been married because all these years I've had an insane crush on her. She falls for it. What an idiot right? I tell her certain 80's songs reminded me of her and that I've thought of her over the years and I would love to see her. Then I told her I loved her and needed to see her. She flew up to Maryland and spent a weekend with me - oh yeah I tapped that. Then she flew back. Within 2 weeks she had an apartment for us in Florida - she wired me money to come down there. I got there and ruled her world. She did things my way. All I had to do was act like she was the best thing that ever happened to me. She was so easily manipulated. What an idiot.

First I put the pressure on her to get money out of her husband - I talked her into taking money off his cards. He was a pushover because he forgave her. Then, I pressured her to hurry with the divorce so I could marry her. She didn't know I was already married twice. One of the women is the mother of my 9 year old twins. I told this new girl that my twins were the result of a one nite stand. Shit, they were just the result of another girl I used as long as I could.

So finally the divorce comes thru and guess what? MOTHERLOAD - she got a whopping 62 thousand dollars from her ex buying her out of the house. I lived like a king and spent like a fool. All the time promising her I'd be there forever. Promising her that I had money in my account from a workers comp settlement and that if her money ever ran out - big deal, I'd just get the money out of my account. What an idiot she was. I worked a whopping 3 weeks in Florida, she not only gave me full access to her accounts, her credit cards and her life, but the dumb ass bought me a truck. Can you believe it? Just tell a girl. she's special and she is putty in your hands.

Then I convince her to move back to Maryland - she pays everything and off we go. She gets a good job at a hotel. But I'm not going to let that last. I'll be dramatic the entire time, telling her that I can't work because I have to watch her whacked out 16yo who is doing drugs and drinking. Course, the entire time I'm giving the kid money and talking her mother into letting her be a kid. So this honor roll student is now really whacked in the head - thanks to my master plan. I'm fucking with both of them now. I even sat back and watched the kid try to kill herself and then told her mother I wasn't into all the drama. But the entire time I had to keep up the plan that I loved them and wanted us to be a family. What morons.

So it gets sweeter. While she's raking in 50k at her new job in the city - I'm at home all day just charging up her credit cards and draining her bank account. Then she screws up and loses her job at the hotel. So I give her shit, tell her she's a loser, tell her she screwed up because we don't have medical insurance anymore - oh did I tell you that she paid for my medical insurance and any bills I got? She even paid my child support - a lot of it.

Then she gets offered this job in WV - I tell her to take it - cause it will be awesome to live in the country and we can finally be a family. She fell for it. Man I screwed her to the damn wall and all the time she thought she was screwed up. She thought she was causing the problems in our relationship - ha - this was easy.

So she goes to WV and I'm supposed to pack up the house and get the movers paid and then follow her out there. She is quite the idiot isn't she? She leaves MD and her entire house behind with me. But it gets better.

Moving day comes. I cash her unemployment check and tell her I paid my child support at court on Sept 14th. Her check? almost 700 bucks. I paid 253 in court. Of Course I tell her that I have nothing left to go to WV what does she do? Sends me 300 bucks so I can come out. But hell, I still have tricks up my sleeve. I tell her that all of it went to a doctors appointment and prescriptions. Did it? Nope, 20 bucks at the doctor and 65 bucks at the pharmacy. What an idiot.

Meanwhile - I'm living the high life at Lansdowne - I tell all my friends that she's a wack job and so his her daughter and I ain't going out there. I have the truck she bought that she stupidly put me on the registration and the laptop she loaned me so I could keep in touch with her. Did I mention the dumbass was paying my cell phone bill too?

Ok now I need a way out. What should I do? Oh wait, backing up, did I mention that I wrote a book? Probie Days? Oh you probably knew that, that's why you are here isn't it? Well, I didn't publish it. She did as a surprise for my birthday in August. I thought the book was going to make it big, but I only got 2 grand the first month, 2 hundred the second and the 3rd - just 20 bucks. I'm a loser I know. Oh and she made these dvd's for me that I sold - course I didn't ask anyone for permission to use their photos or antyhing but that's just me. Don’t' worry, I can always come up with an excuse for the things I do and I can make YOU feel like it's YOUR fault. I'm clever that way. I don't even know how I pull it off cause truth is I'm not much to look at. And I'm certainly no stud in the sack.

So here it is October and I need to figure out a way to cut her loose and move on to my next target. Hmmm... Oh I know - I'll have her pay my child support. What? She didn't pay it? What do you mean she didn't pay it? Oh no, what am I going to do, I have court on the 12th - I have to have the money. No biggy, I'll skip court. So I do, then I tell her I'm going to get arrested so she wires me 500 bucks - too bad she only had 550 in the bank and it left her a measly 26 bucks. Oh but damn on Friday October 27, I got arrested. Sat my ass in jail and then Lansdowne bailed me out. Then I treat her like a piece of shit for a few days, blame her for everything that ever happened to me and waaaaahlllaaaa she's outta my life. I got a truck worth 50k, a laptop and get to live life doing what I love to do.

What's she got? Last time I checked, 56 cents in the savings account, 3 maxed visa cards, 15k on her American express a broken heart and no self confidence, no self esteem and the best part? She'll never trust anyone again - she's damaged goods. Life is good, life is very very good.
A few more things you should know:

0. Right now, I'm mooching off Lansdowne VFD. They even pay my child support - ain't that cool? All I have to do is ride the big trucks. I live there, they pay me 6 bucks an hour to drive the ambulance, under the table. Last month? I got 700 hours.
0. Everyone thinks I'd give them the shirt off my back - and I will - as long as it costs someone else money and not me. I will steal from you. Trust me. I haven't paid a dime for most of the things I own. I've conned someone out of them, or slipped them in my pocket when you weren't looking.
While at Kentland I milked them for everything I could get. When I moved to Florida - I stole the keys to the Utility Truck - and threw them out the window of the train on the way down there. I don't know why I did it - just did. Oh also, I stole old record books and meeting minutes from the early Kentland Years. I'm a peach aren't I?

Hang in there, I know what a piece of shit he is and soon everyone will.