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The Jerry Fans

Here is your hero, on the scene, with a towel. Nice.

Yes, they are out there. Hard to believe but it's true.  They think "J and I are tight, he'd never do that to me" but do we care? no, because we know they will join our ranks sooner or later.  This page is dedicated to my friend Mookey tho thinks I'm a hoe.  His words, not mine, read below.


Turns out Jerry Engle used the below address to email these 'fan emails' and the real owner is asking (nicely) for his real name to be removed (which I have done) 

<<<  rom<>toTangee McKenrick Wilson <>
dateThu, Jul 31, 2008 at 7:37 PMsubjectRe: Website form
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Look man the reason i am asking for you to move my name is because jerry used my e-mail to write those messages. I had nothing to do with it he just wanted people to hear his side through a different person, so now my name came up on the e-mail and is posted on your web site, I just don't want my name involved. I can answer any questions for you about him, you want new info or anything that is going on now I will help you out with all i ask is that you take my name down because I was not the one to write the e-mails in was jerry pretending to be me.

Email #1

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 12:42 AM, <> wrote:
Form submitted from website:

Name: Hookey
Comments: Well I don't where you get all this but I have Known Jerry for about 10 years now and he is a great guy and has been a great friend to me, he has never stolen anything from or threw me under the bus. But i guess you are just one of the stupid hoes that decided to fuck him and give him money for no reason and then not want to get in a realtionship with you because he cared about the fire house to much. Also if i am not mistaken he has many awards for saving people in fire I am sure he could send you them so you can copy them and put them on here so people can see them. Also i have seen Jerry take good care of people that needed help, in fact Jerry became a father figure to me a one point and did a lot for me. O yea don't let me foget to tell you that he only leads stupid hoes one and i guess you must have been one of them.

My Response:

----- Original Message ----
From: Tangee McKenrick Wilson <>
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2008 7:48:16 AM
Subject: Re: Website form submission

Wow Hookey - first off nice name, thanks for giving me your real name. Second, you do know a hoe is a gardening tool don't you?  Finally - I'm so glad you and Jerry are such good friends and have been for 10 years.    I've seen the 2 awards he's received in 30 years for saving people.  Big whoop.  ANd it's great he's a father figure to you, cause he's not to the twins he fathered.  They wouldn't even know him on the street if they saw him.  So tell Daddy thank you.  BTW - I dare ya to post this on the watch desk.  Give J a big ole kiss for me. 

Email #2

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 3:45 PM, <> wrote:
Well I thank you for writing me back that is very nice of you. But i guess my e-mail to you wasn't good enough to make your web site. Now I also think it is funny how you some how hacked into his e-mail accounts and wrote that fake e-mail to your web site. Also the life saving awards there are ten of them, I went and saw them last week so I wanted to make sure you know that, not two thats a big differnce by the way. Also you say big whoop about the life saving awards why don't you ask around there are people that spend there whole life as a firefighter and never get one so I the way I see it dosen't matter how long in are in the fire service for it doesn't matter how many you make but if you do get one it is a big deal you did save someones life, now tell me can you ever say that you saved someone from burnng to beath I sure bet you can't. As for his kids he would love to see them but the mother of them won't let him, cause I tried numours of times to take him to see them. Also he does have a part time job now and pays for his child support every month. So just keep up with you nice little web site because I am sure someone from the old Kentland days put you up to it and are only doing it because of there big law suit that is about to happen. O I forgot sorry for calling you are gardening tool I ment whore, skank, slut or just a stupid bitch maybe one of them fit you better. So you have a great day now.   Hookey

My Response:

Your email didn't make it to the website because up until 5 minutes ago I was putting the writers contact information on the comments and I didn't think you'd want them on there. However, I'll be more than happy to post both of them and your name.

Additionally, you can preach your love for him all you want - he's scum.  Also, thanks so much for the names you are calling me, you don't know me. I'm not sure where you get off calling someone who was married 20 years a whore and skank but again, thank you.  Since I don't know you, I'd have to say they have no affect on me.

As far as hacking into his email - how would I accomplish such a feat?  I don't have his password.  Maybe it's one of the many other people he screwed over.  If I could hack his email I would have done it a long time ago.  ( SIDE NOTE:  IF ANYONE HAS HIS PASSWORD PASS IT ON DOWN THE LINE)

His kids?  He would not love to see them and told me that himself.  We had them at our house in Glen Burnie twice and that was 2 times too many in HIS WORDS  We had them there because I talked to their mother and promised they would be taken care of and they were.  (Side note)  Jerry is very good to his children when he see's them which is very rare, I have never seen him yell or get upset with them in anyway - for the record)

As far as his child support, yep he's paying it - I mean 9 is paying it.  Are they paying for his bonding for his false teeth too?

Anyway Mookey, you have a great day now and thank you so much for taking time out of your oh so busy life and love affair with Jerry to drop a line. I sure do appreciate it. Just remember, the next time you suck his nuts, there is only  one, so please be gentle, we wouldn't want to hurt the Fire God.

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