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Hey Bud, You know what gets my ass is that Ingles worked used defraded the sytem so thats why honest claims like mine won't get passed thru Comp or the LOSAP Office. I quess if I would work the system would it work for me? Jerry has always been about the money where there was money you would fine him. As I stated he needs to crawl under a rock and stay there. Once a piece of no good shit always ONE. I will gladly give him my Cancer and let him see how it feels to really be sick, and go thru 5 ops the radiation and chemo he couldn't take it. PEACE, I'M OUTTA HERE.

Dear Jerome,

Im getting the feeling that your not very well liked. Since you are on thewatchdesk, why dont you defend yourself against all this hooey After all' this should be nothing compared to the life u live of fightin fires and dodging bullets. Not to mention this is all done professionally without a shirt on.

I hate to say it, but Jerry Engle just might be the perfect "poster child" for tougher fireworks laws.

All you need to do is to show a picture of him to schoolchildren and tell them "Kids, beware; this is what you might end up looking like if you shoot bottle rockets out of your butt."

Waht a freak on a leash! I hope Bladensburg is proud? I guess they are taking what they can get to get out the door since they are 100% Volunteer and he is a jobless bum. What a way to burn your bridges with Kentland Jerry!

Wow, can you imagine answering the door and being greeted by this character? "Mam, fire department, could I come in please and check out your apartment?" The nose ring I could deal with, but his hair style is something else. I don't have a problem with him giving an interview, but to do it wearing a fire uniform along with a radio is just poor, and a unnecessary reflection on Bladensburg FD.

if you paint a turd it's still a turd. If you put an idiot in a uniform, well you have an idiot.

Hey PGFD and COUNCIL MEMBERS. Lets get a ruling on the mowhawk and the nose ring. Talk about unprofessionalism. What a looser!

I have been associated with the volunteer fire service for approximately 30 years and have seen horseplay and good old firehouse fun on numerous occasions. yes sometimes it may have gone to far and maybe what some folks would call unprofessional however it was a way of letting off srelieving the strees of the job and enhancing the bond between the members of the company. I have used various examples of the PGFD in my training classes for years as an example of how the job should be done and the manner in which they performed there duties. The example that will come from this is if you are going to clown around don't video tape it and don't let a rectal orfice shoot fireworks from his rectal orfice. Maybe someone should call Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey to see if the Engle character escaped from thier freak show. What an example to represent the fire service.

J, remember the comment “Your house is on our first call, I’ll set across the tracks and watch it burn” Or how about the comment “You know , old people get hurt all the time” when speaking of my 72 year old mom. You had a lot of guys backing you back then, I wonder how many are with you now? You should be easy to pick out with the purple mo, ay? How much did you get for the interview? Must have been enough to throw em all under the bus, ay? Taking the high road, knowing you would sooner or later take your self out has been worth the wait.

In the many comments on multiple forums about the recent videos from Kentland VFD, a common theme was the physical appearance of FF Jerry Engle. Engle, formerly a member of Kentland, and currently with Bladensburg VFD, arrived for our interview with a shirt on. That in itself was surprising, considering that Jerry often would go most places, including to fires, without a shirt. It was also a lot more clothing than he was wearing when the camera was rolling during the Kentland videos.

What most people wrote about were Jerry's spiky, orange colored Mohawk haircut and the numerous piercings on his face.

At Firehouse Expo I began hearing that Jerry very recently had a makeover. Sources, and Jerry himself, later confirmed orders came down through Bladensburg's leadership that the hairstyle was out and there would be no piercings that could be visible to the public.

FF Jerry Engle complied earlier this week.

He has to comply or he would be homeless!
# posted by  Anonymous : July 27, 2008 6:12 AM   You can give a pig a makeover... but he is still a pig!
# posted by  Anonymous : July 27, 2008 7:55 AM   You can get rid of the spike hairdo and the piercings, but unfortunately a loon is still a loon.
# posted by  Anonymous : July 27, 2008 11:37 AM   WFC........
# posted by  Anonymous : July 27, 2008 2:07 PM

When I read Probie Days, I thought something was strange about a guy who leaves his family to leave in Kentlands Fire House, but OK, the guy had a good story to tell and so I was fien with it.

Then he stabbed his Kentland brothers in the back with that tape. Supposedly for press for his next book Rookie Days. Well Jerry, you over played your hand. Truthhurts, Jerry is an MBA. Master Bullshit Artist. He is a predator who could see you were vulnerable and took advantage. He is the problem, you are not.

WOW! TheJerryFiles website takes payback to a new level. She is on you harder than social services and your baby momma. Jerry...Bro...Uno...Mr. Mayor, take my advice. Quitely(very quietly)make tracks. This is going to put a stink on you in PG County that even AFFF won't wash off. You truely do deserve the name "Tick".

Ok, I will try to find a name that fits without offending anyone. Right now I can't cause I'm on my way to the bathroom to take a Jerry. When I'm done, I will wipe my Engles and pull up my drawers to cover my Mayor of Kentland. When I finally do figure out what to call the vaginal blood fart, I'll post it.

I thought the book he wrote was all the truth.....da

Everyone that honestly knows this individual knows he is full of sh*t. He puts on a good front and could talk anyone into anything. How about the family he destroyed in #(*^$#@$$ and the drugs... That would be a story. Oh has anyone looked into his criminal record and numerous addresses he carries. You can run but you can't hide. How about a little research Statter and the rest of the news agencies on this person. He's as crooked as a politician. This should help promote his book of lies. 30 years and the lies continue.......This is retaliation from disgruntled member that has used the media to fight his battle, great job.... Maybe some big news story will break today and you bums can do your job and report news not lies. Good Day or should I say Probie Days.

He must be out of money again he spent his last $10 dollars on cigs and pain killers. Maybe these interviews will help promote the book of lies. Why did he get thrown out of Kentland and Riverdale? How do the old timers at Kentland, that he looked up to for all those years feel about these antics (Smith, Lehan, Mattison, Riley, Teague, Wells, Chester, Richards, Penetta)? Can u say "Workmens" Comp....

A purple mohawk, multiple facial piercings, black nail polish and tattoos look just plain goofy on a nineteen year old. On someone who is almost fifty, they just look like a pathetic cry for attention.

Free expression or not, these forms of body adornment simply do not belong on a firefighter, volunteer or professional.

Unfortunately for Jerry, good taste cannot be legislated. However, in this case, standards of professional conduct and personal hygiene clearly need to be enforced.

Hey Jerry, Ya know, Ya know, Ya know...Well apparently ya don't. What kind of brotherhood do you represent? You're a disgrace to the fire services long time commitment to being a family of one.

How much did you make for selling out your brothers? Just a promo for your crap book? It's been a few months since your last workmans comp claim. Didn't you get busted for scamming $ at Riverdale? Oh, by the way, how's the child support payments going? You always told us to never burn your bridges. Well cuz/bro, you sure did burn them.

Didn't J get a burn on his backside during a "fire" right about the time of this incident? Was that a workman's comp claim too? Wake up PG county, you got a fraud on your hands!

Somebody's due in court. He has 2 dates for court in August. A workmen's comp claim would come in really handy right about now......"Ya see judge bud, I'm a fireman who got hurt rescuing a fat ass on the 18th floor, and I can't get a job because of my multiple debilitating injuries. So can ya cut me a break judge bud?

Ok, for the one who never met Jerry and probably never will...
What you are reading is the comments of an array of people, from those who were betrayed and "thrown under the bus" by him to people that are appalled that this individual would call himself a professional firefighter.
All the press that you are reading about Jerry Engle is put out there by him to sell his book which has been not selling as much. There is much more backstory that is out there but you don't see other people bringing it out because they are not going to stoop to his level.
If you think what you are reading on here is bad you should read what Jerry writes about people he used to associate with and especially people he used to call friends. He goes from "honoring" certain people to really insulting them and everything they stand for and truly it is slander. He has burned so many bridges.